Location: Laguna Niguel, CA

Lifetime fitness in Laguna Niguel had several new precast concrete buildings, the highest as tall as 75'6" where Nationwide Shotcrete shot 6,000 PSI 3' to 4'6" wide strips the height of the building ranging from 8" to 12" thick. Also onsite was a 16" thick 5,000 PSI site retaining wall. 

Location: Bakersfield, CA

Located near the Sequoia National Forest on the North East end of Bakersfield, Nationwide Shotcrete, Inc was able to assist in the repair of a spillway at a forebay. Due to the remoteness of the repair, the spillway being 1,000' above the highway below, NSI had to use the dry mix process with the material being transported by helicopter to the top of the mountain. The work consisted of an overlay over existing rock near the forebay and a stabilization of one of the piers supporting the down pipe.

Location: El Cajon, CA

At Wing Avenue next to Gillespie Field Airport in El Cajon, Nationwide Shotcrete, Inc is helping to improve drainage infrastructure with shooting some warped wing walls and channel lining up to 4' thick. Nationwide Shotcrete, Inc was able to accommodate tight schedule demands to quickly visit, bid, and shoot the project within a week period.

Location: Beverly Hills, CA

121 Spalding is a new parking strucure off of Santa Monica Blvd in Beverly Hills. This project consists of perimeter and interior walls 3 levels below grade and 5 levels above grade, with a total of 1,000 CY.  The walls received a steel trowel finish with a double tooled reveal at 8'oc.

Location: North Hills, Los Angeles, CA
General Contractor: Alpha Construction

This project was a seismic retrofit for the Department of Veterans Affairs, and Nationwide Shotcrete, Inc. was honored to work for the betterment of facilities for our veterans. This project had over 2,200 CY of Shotcrete per building, including 6" to 24" thick Shotcrete walls and joist/beam encasement. Though the building was vacant, NSI still had to accommodate active heating pipes,  tight access spaces, and low ceilings.

Location: Glendale, CA
General Contractor: Bernards

Glendale Triangle is a mixed use building on the south end of Glendale that is encompassed by three streets: Los Feliz Road, Central Avenue, and San Fernando Road. This project consisted of three levels below grade and two levels above grade of 12" to 16" thick Shotcrete perimeter and interior walls, with a total of 3,000 CY . Working within this large footprint of a city block posed its own challenges for pumping and access, as well as scheduling challenges due to multiple deck pours per level.

Location: Los Angeles, CA
General Contractor: The Hanover Company

Olympic and Hill is a new mixed use apartment building on the corner of Olympic Blvd and Hill St five blocks away from LA Live and Staples Center. This project is two story below grade basement and two story above grade with walls 8” to 21” thick perimeter and interior walls of 1,500 CY of Shotcrete that included an 8000PSI concrete mix and boundary element that included (16) #11 bars with #5 ties at 4”oc.

Location: Los Angeles, CA
General Contractor: GH Palmer

Da Vinci Apartments are new luxury apartments in the north end of downtown walking distance to the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Nationwide Shotcrete, Inc is shooting all vertical concrete walls ranging from 8” to 25” thick on the project from Level P2 through Level 2. This project is actually two separate building footprints that are across the street from each other and is being shot floor to floor with over 5,300 CY of Shotcrete. The storefronts, with its several arched openings, are 24’ tall being shot its full height.

Location: Los Angeles, CA
General Contractor: Benchmark Contractors

The Taft Bldg is a historic 12 story building on the corner of the iconic Hollywood Blvd and Vine St.  Nationwide Shotcrete is shooting all vertical concrete walls ranging from 10” to 20” thick shear walls in the building from the Basement to Level 12 in this seismic upgrade that included boundary elements that were (30) #9 bars with #5 ties at 4”oc. This retrofit accommodated the tenants, only two levels were vacated at a time, we were able to work around the tight restraints of an existing and occupied building shooting on the interior and exterior of the building.

Location: Glendale, CA
General Contractor: George C Hopkins Construction

The Alex Theatre Expansion added a new basement and elevators to the historic theater in downtown Glendale. Nationwide Shotcrete, Inc shot all vertical concrete walls ranging from 6” to 24” thick in the two level below grade walls to Level 1, including the freight elevator which is 50' tall in its full height. This project included steel trowel walls and prepwork including surface prep and drill / epoxy dowels for the tie-in to the existing structure.

Location: San Diego, CA
General Contractor: The Cannon Group

This mixed-use affordable housing project south of downtown San Diego has 2 levels of Perimeter and Interior Below Grade Shotcrete ranging from 8" to 18" in thickness with tooled control joints at 10'oc with a total of 1,600 CY of Shotcrete walls. Our 100+ CY Shooting days and flexibility in the schedule lead to a successful project for all parties.