Location: Sacramento, CA
General Contractor: Turner Construction

The new Sacramento Arena Entertainment and Sports Complex (ESC) will be the future home of the Sacramento Kings. This project is the spark to the light that will revitalize Sacramento's Downtown.  Sacramento Arena ESC will be taking up several city blocks between J St / L St and 5th St / 7th St, is being built on a substantial portion of Downtown Plaza. This project was split into two phases, foundation and superstructure with each having a separate concrete contractor, of which Nationwide Shotcrete was selected to work on both phases. The Shotcrete walls on this project totaled 2,300CY, with Hard Trowel Finish on walls over 30' in height for the perimeter and shear walls in the arena itself along with rehabilitating an adjacent existing structure with additional shear walls.

Location: San Francisco, CA

Nationwide Shotcrete had the honor of performing work at the San Francisco VA. On this project, we placed approximately 400 CY of Rubber Float and Hard Trowel walls at mostly 12" thick with some walls 14” and 24" thick. The two story building was constructed in phases, where we shot the first level, then the forms were jumped and shot the second level allowing the structural steel and decking to come in after the Shotcrete walls were completed. The total height of the walls ranged from 33’ to 37’ tall.

Location: San Francisco, CA

Located in the Bayview neighborhood of San Francisco near Candlestick Park, 1751 Carroll is a part of a larger development updating the areas new housing needs. This project consisted of Shotcrete at one level subterranean and one level podium. We placed around 900CY of Shotcrete with a rubber float finish of 12" and 8” thick walls.

Location: Palo Alto, CA
General Contractor: Whiting-Turner

Stanford University is known for its high quality of academics, and its standards for construction are no different. Nationwide Shotcrete, Inc. successfully qualified four nozzlemen on a test panel where the average core grade had to be no greater than one.  This meant achieving a perfect, highly congested, over-sized test panel. This project was built floor to floor, however no horizontal joints were allowed, so stair and elevator shafts had to be shot full height at 24" thick. This led to shooting 180 CY in a single day to meet these constraints.